Frequently Asked Questions

Is this compatible with my PABX?
Yes, it's compatible with virtually all PABX telephone systems.
How many lines can I record?
Our call recording solutions can record phone calls across PRI, ISDN, PSTN & VoIP:
  • From 2 to 240 channels on PRI ISDN (digital)
  • From 2 to 8 channels on BRI ISDN2 (digital)
  • From 2 to 48 channels on PSTN (analogue) lines
  • From 1 to 300 channels on VoIP (SIP) using standard and enhanced voice codecs
What are ISDN lines and channels?
ISDN Stands for Integrated Services Digital Network which refers to digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary copper wires. In Australia, there are 2 types of ISDN lines, PRI & BRI (see explanation below). Each physical copper (PRI) ISDN line supports up to 30 channels, i.e. 30 inbound and/or outbound calls. Each physical copper (BRI) ISDN line supports up to 2 channels, i.e. 2 inbound and/or outbound calls.

Carriers use product names for their ISDN services e.g.onramp2, 10, ISDN10, ISDN20 & ISDN30.
What is the difference between PRI & BRI ISDN lines?
There are 2 types of ISDN lines available in Australia.

PRI: Stands for Primary Rate Interface. Each physical copper PRI line can support up to 30 channels. On a single line you may have 10, 20 or 30 channels activated. A single phone call requires 1 Channel. In order to make 10 simultaneous calls you would need to have 10 channels activated.

BRI: Stands for Basic Rate Interface (also known as Secondary Rate ISDN). Each physical copper BRI line can support only 2 channels. A single phone call requires 1 channel. In order to make more than 2 simultaneous calls you would need multiple Basic Rate services e.g. if you need to make 6 simultaneous calls you would need 3 Basic Rate services as each Basic Rate service carries 2 calls.
What are PSTN lines?
PSTN Stands for Public Switched Telephone Network which are conventional analogue phone lines.
What are VoIP lines?
VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol refers to voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet.
What are the call recording laws?
"If a call is to be recorded or monitored, an organisation must tell you at the beginning of the conversation so that you have the chance either to end the call, or to ask to be transferred to another line where monitoring or recording does not take place if this is available." - Australian Government- Office of the Australian Infomation Commissioner

More information on this issue is available in two publications prepared by the Communications Alliance Ltd:
Does your pricing include licensing?
Yes, pricing for our call recorders includes a one off software license fee. There are no on-going or recurring payment of license fees and we do not charge based on the number of users. You can have as many users as you like.
Does your price include installation?
Yes, all our prices include onsite installation and training within the Sydney Metropolitan area. Travel costs for installations outside of Sydney Metro are charged back to the client at cost. We do service all of Australia & New Zealand.
How much can I store on the hard drive?
The standard recorder has 1.7TB of storage. To give you an idea of how much this is, a very busy call centre making thousands of calls per day is likely to be able to store several years of recordings.
Can I make backups of the recordings?
Yes, the call recorder is connected to your network, so we can setup an automatic backup of the hard drive to another network location on a regular basis.
How long does the installation take?
The installation usually take a few hours with only 5-10 min of downtime.
Is there any downtime for the phones?
There is generally only about 5-10 mins of downtime. Installations can also be arranged so the switch over is done outside of business hours.
How secure are the recordings?
The recordings can only be accessed by registered users with a valid user name and password. Users can be setup to have varying levels of access and function. e.g. general users cannot delete recordings but Administrators can.
What is the leading time for a new recorder?
Our standard lead time is 2 weeks, however most of the time we can have a new recorder installed in less than 2 weeks. Contact us to see how soon we could have one set up for you.
Can the recordings be emailed?
Yes, the recordings can be downloaded to your desktop as a .wav file which is small enough to be attached to an email.