Virgin Active Health Clubs

Darren Simpson
Business Systems Manager
(Virgin Active)

“We engaged Potentiate to provide the PBXtra call recorders at each of our 4 health clubs in both Sydney and Melbourne.

The installations were straight forward and we have found the systems to be reliable and easy to use. Compared to other solutions on the market their recorders are competitively priced and have proved great value for money.

I would happily recommend Potentiate to any other company that are in need of a voice recording solution.”

Yodel Australia

Tim Jackson
IT Manager
(Yodel Australia)

“Everyone is extremely happy with the system. Yodel has solved many disputes with clients and proven to the bank that our charges were authorised via phone with the client.

All calls are monitored both inbound and outbound. It is a good system that is easy to use, and we have had no downtime.”

Geek 2 U

Anthony Hill
Technical Director
(Geek 2 U)

"When Geeks2U researched a call recording solution to monitor and maintain the quality of calls in and out of our call centre, Potentiate came out on top.

Installation was quick and easy, not only did the guys from Potentiate seamlessly slot the system into our existing network, it was all done without any downtime. The system is very easy to use and has not missed a beat since being installed. When we requested a change to the interface, the Support team were very quick to respond and have provided exceptional service.

I would not hesitate in recommending the PBXtra call recording system to anyone looking for this type of system."

Alarm Industries

Danny Meiklejohn
IT / Operations Manager
(Alarm Industries)

"I would like to thank Potentiate for providing Alarm Industries Pty Ltd with a voice recording solution. We did look at several other companies solutions however most just wanted to sell us an Expensive Voice Recorder and leave it up to us on how to implement and integrate it into our phone system.

Potentiate not only provided us with and EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE solution but they were also willing to work with our phone provider in a professional and cooperative manner.

The installation was quick and professional. Obviously they knew what they were doing. Our phone company was also impressed and have since contacted me for Potentiate contact details with the intention of offering their own customers solutions from them.

After changing our mind on our phone system configuration a quick call to Potentiate helped solve several minor issues along with some advice on some recording configuration settings.

As a manager that has used several recording solutions I would have to say our staff and I have found the software quick and easy to use. Offering may options that more expensive competitors do not provide.

I would whole heatedly recommend Potentiate should anyone be needing a voice recording solution. Once again thank you for your assistance and professional service."

Kaliber Group

Zhen Pan
Commercial Manager
(Kaliber Group)

"The team were professional, reliable and stress free from day 1! We would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their telecommunication systems."

Optima Group

Richard O'Brien
(Optima Group)

"We used Potentiate for our telephone recording gateway. There is a lot of conflicting and confusing information in the market so it was great to find a service provider who was able to bring us clarity.

Their pricing and service were first rate so it was an easy decision to use Potentiate."